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Social Media and Your Law Firm

Social media has provided a platform for people all over the world to voice their opinions, educate themselves, and provide feedback on various services and products. Not only are consumers able to compare products, their effectiveness, and makeup prior to purchasing them, they are able to enlist the feedback of other consumers who have experienced […]

How to Keep Your Information Safe From Hackers

While law practice management software helps to make office and case management more simplistic by using a cloud-based system to share files, the potential for hackers to gain access to information on the server is just as high as on a traditional system. Hackers seek to gain access to servers with client information in both […]

What Does Law Practice Management Software Do?

Law practice management software was developed over the past few decades in order to help attorneys effectively manage numerous cases at once and adapt to the fast pace at which a case can move. This type of software helps attorneys communicate with one another in a firm as well as sync multiple systems together in […]

Electronic Visitation

The advent of the internet has changed the way the legal field conducts its practice. Motions and decisions can now be made online, video conferencing can take the place of meetings between parties in different states, which now includes child custody visitation sessions. While only some states, namely Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Carolina, and […]

Agile Lawyering: Adopting a Mobile Practice

Agile lawyers adopt techniques that increase efficiency, profits, and client satisfaction. Agile Law is an effective methodology that is increasingly synonymous with a successful modern law practice. An agile practice takes a flexible approach to practice management. Court appearances, client meetings, and other client demands mean that an attorney can not condense a workday into […]

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