Technology Leader

CoCounselor is one of the most innovative solutions in the legal practice space. We’re modernizing the way legal firms operate and improving the lives of both attorney and client. But we’re not as good as we could be. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a Technology Leader to take us to the next level. You’re not just a developer. You’re not just an engineer. You don’t just write code in a cubicle. You are a Thought Leader amongst your peers. You’re able to consult on best practices; you’re the type of person that people go to for guidance and advice.

You not only have a firm grasp of software engineering concepts, but you can translate that into a business decision and clearly communicate those decisions to the executive team.
Do you have a history of:
  • Consulting teams / businesses on software engineering best practices.
  • Regularly collaborating with other departments on product roadmaps and releases.
  • Regularly shipping quality finished code into the wild.
  • Creating full features with minimal guidelines, relatively unsupervised.
  • Valuing autonomy and ownership of your work.
  • Maintaining a constructive peer review environment.
  • Prioritizing Customer Experience above all else.
  • Pushing to constantly improve your craft through technology or process.
  • Collectively taking ownership & pride in the product.
Some of the skill sets that we’re looking for in this leadership role:
  • Entrepreneurial business mindset
  • Visualforce Experience and knowledge of Salesforce Communities.
  • Ability to build on Ruby on Rails API and an AngularJS single page front-end application, as well as Elixir, ReactJS and Redux.
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment. Push new code out multiple times a day.
  • Write tests extensively to help us think out code design and protect ourselves, allowing us to ultimately move faster.
  • We’re currently built on top of Salesforce, but hoping to move onto our own platform. You must be okay with this shift.
Here’s why we think you should come work with us:
  • You will be coming in on the ground floor as the Head of Development here at CoCounselor, eventually building out your own department and team.
  • You will make a name for yourself and put your “stamp” on the most innovative practice management solution in the world.
  • We already have a viable solution with a strong user base; we want you to take us to the next level.
  • You will join a culture of Positive, Proactive, Pragmatic, and Passionate individuals who strive to make our clients as efficient as possible at their firms.
  • You will become part of an amazing culture with compassionate leadership and smart teammates.
  • You will work in an inclusive work environment from leadership to individual contributors.
  • You will challenge yourself, face new obstacles, and discover solutions for your own personal & professional growth.
  • You will have a strong equity play within the company.
  • No Vacation Tracking (you take vacation whenever you want — no need to keep track)
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Casual dress all-day, everyday
  • An incredibly fun work environment, which includes (but not limited to):
    • An HTC Vive
    • Sonos Office Speakers (we like to jam out from time to time)
    • Pool table in the boardroom
    • Razor Scooters
    • Hoverboard scooter
    • Friday Company Massages


Technology Leader Application