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How Will CRM Help Grow My Personal Injury Practice?

Some lawyers still have a Rolodex, the rotating-card file first popularized in the 1950s. The Rolodex was, in many respects, the ancestor of modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Modern CRM is much more than a list of names and addresses or a stack of business cards. CRM lets you be proactive in identifying sources of […]

How to Build Strong Client Relationships

As an attorney, your clients should be the most important people in the world to you. You work to serve their needs, fight for them, interpret the law for them, and ultimately win their cases for them. The clients come to you because they need professional legal advice and entrust you with their needs and […]

Agile Lawyering: Adopting a Mobile Practice

Agile lawyers adopt techniques that increase efficiency, profits, and client satisfaction. Agile Law is an effective methodology that is increasingly synonymous with a successful modern law practice. An agile practice takes a flexible approach to practice management. Court appearances, client meetings, and other client demands mean that an attorney can not condense a workday into […]

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