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Ways to Save Time as an Attorney

As an attorney, often the most difficult opponent you face is not the opposing counsel, but time itself. At one point or another, it is almost guaranteed that you will wish you had more time in the day. Being an attorney is demanding, and while most professions enjoy their eight-hour workdays, those are the exception […]

Lawyers on LinkedIn: Ways to Improve Your Profile

In today’s world and job landscape, LinkedIn is a vital part of anybody and everybody’s professional career. Your profile tells colleagues, prospective employers, and other network connections exactly who you are professionally and what you do. An incomplete or bad profile can make or break a career, especially at the interview stage. Prospective employers almost […]

Why Small Law Firms Need Law Practice Management Software

If you are a sole practitioner or small personal injury firm, law practice management software may seem like a luxury item. After all, up until now you have done just fine using a homemade system that involves your paralegal manually entering data into a bunch of Excel spreadsheets. Sure, it may not be the most […]

Keeping Track of the Statute of Limitations

It is never easy to win a contested personal injury lawsuit. There are hundreds of small details that can make or break your case. Using quality law practice management software is therefore a necessity for any personal injury attorney who does not want to get caught unprepared. The last thing you want is to botch […]

How to Effectively Advertise Your Law Firm

In today’s world, when starting a business, you no longer have to rely on recommendations, cold calls, word of mouth referrals, or basic soliciting. The world of social media now allows you have an audience larger than previously imagined. With so much available, it can be difficult to hone in on the audience you are […]

Types of Business Partnerships

General Partnerships There are various types of partnerships people can enter into in business that serve different purposes. General partnerships consist of at least two partners who own an entity in equal amounts. These partnerships do not require formal paperwork to be filed and can be formed upon an oral or written agreement to do […]

The Essentials of Starting Your Own Law Firm

Starting your own firm is an exciting time for an attorney or team of attorneys. Whether you are freshly out of law school or a seasoned practitioner ready to take on a solo practice, there are a number of things to consider when determining if starting your own firm is right for you. Depending upon […]

Social Media and Your Law Firm

Social media has provided a platform for people all over the world to voice their opinions, educate themselves, and provide feedback on various services and products. Not only are consumers able to compare products, their effectiveness, and makeup prior to purchasing them, they are able to enlist the feedback of other consumers who have experienced […]

How to Keep Your Information Safe From Hackers

While law practice management software helps to make office and case management more simplistic by using a cloud-based system to share files, the potential for hackers to gain access to information on the server is just as high as on a traditional system. Hackers seek to gain access to servers with client information in both […]

Electronic Visitation

The advent of the internet has changed the way the legal field conducts its practice. Motions and decisions can now be made online, video conferencing can take the place of meetings between parties in different states, which now includes child custody visitation sessions. While only some states, namely Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Carolina, and […]

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