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How Can Cloud-Based Software Improve Communication Inside A Law Firm?

Effective communication is key to running a successful business. 

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for businesses worldwide and across many different industries to easily communicate with their clients, customer bases, and each other. 

As a result of this, clients expect communication to be easy, no matter what industry you are involved in. 

That means no matter what service provider they are working with, communication needs to be easy.

It’s easy to assume that digital communication would be a godsend to any industry.

However, in the legal world, it does present some challenges. 

That’s not to say that law firms can’t use or shouldn’t use technology to their advantage, because they absolutely should. 

They just need to take the appropriate steps to do it effectively and securely.

A significant step law firms can take in improving client communication is to use cloud-based software. 

Here are some of the ways implementing cloud-based law practice management software can help improve communication with your firm’s clients.

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Cloud Services Can Help Your Practice Master Remote Working

It’s almost impossible to collaborate effectively if everyone involved with your practice has to be in the same physical space to collaborate on projects. 

When a company adopts the cloud, though, collaboration becomes much easier.

With cloud software, employees of your practice can work from anywhere at any time.

This improves efficiency and produces better-quality work across your firm.

Studies have shown that if employees can work remotely, companies foster a happier, more effective workforce.

The cloud also creates a less expensive office setting.

This is due to the reduced need to purchase supplies like desks, chairs, and other office supplies. 

Remote working also means that your practice can hire from a much larger talent pool than previously possible.

Before, well-qualified applicants not located in the same city as your firm had to move or turn down the job offer. 

That meant that your practice was restricted to a relatively small talent pool when hiring for new positions. 

But now, because of the cloud, well-qualified lawyers can potentially be hired by firms worldwide without relocating.

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Cloud Communications Allows Employees to Work On Multiple Devices

Software companies are always making sure that their applications will work on any device. 

You will not only have access to your information on desktop computers but also on any mobile device.

Today, because of 4G and LTE networks becoming standard, it’s entirely possible to work using only mobile devices.

This type of connection allows users to run data-heavy applications and access and exchange large files easily. 

These faster networks allow lawyers to use their devices to perform critical business processes with ease.

You can access your business from your phone and sync your data anywhere. 

You just need internet access that allows you to take your office communication with you on the road.

Cloud-Based Communication Services Give Small Law Firms A Competitive Edge

Now it’s possible for small and mid-sized practices to compete with bigger firms to get clients. 

The cloud is cost-effective and can be customized to any size law firm, and smaller players can scale up their operations when needed very quickly.

They can start small and increase their usage over time, depending on their growth. 

Cloud communications services are also self-managed, so you won’t typically have to hire IT staff to set up your communication systems.

Enabling small and mid-sized practices to deliver results faster, cheaper, and with more quality is key to giving them the competitive edge required to compete against more prominent firms and win over clients.

Collaboration Will Become More Effective

One of the most important benefits you’ll receive is the increased ability for collaboration among your employees as well as with clients. 

Collaboration has changed entirely due to the prevalence of the cloud. 

As the cloud continues to shift, change, and improve, business communications and collaborations will as well.

By breaking down boundaries, cloud computing allows law firms to communicate better between various departments.

Can A Lawyer Work Remotely?

Before you start setting yourself up on the cloud, you might be wondering if this is all really possible.

Can lawyers work remotely?

The answer depends on several things, like your particular practice areas and what a typical day looks like for you, but the short answer is “yes.” 

It should be possible to complete some, if not all, of your legal work remotely.

And you can do it while providing an excellent client experience while you’re not in the office.

If you need to go to court, you likely won’t be able to get around that.

But, certain circumstances may render that point moot as well, especially as the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves.

Many courts are enacting partial closures or modified operations such as teleconference or videoconference hearings, making remote work even more of a possibility. 

With this technology, the legal industry can draft and review legal documents, get them signed electronically, and keep clients up-to-date.

And they can do this all while ensuring client and firm data is kept secure and confidential. 

Remote work is now much simpler than many would expect, especially for a lawyer.

But, if you use any legal technology currently, you can set yourself up with the cloud to work remotely.

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Give CoCounselor A Try

The bottom line is that many law firms are using legal practice management software to improve communications with their clients, as well as many other aspects of their business operations.

The legal industry has always been slow to adapt to new technology, but if you are still running a personal injury law firm without the cloud, we invite you to take a trial run of CoCounselor.

CoCounselor and Personal Injury Law Firms were made for each other.

CoCounselor is the only cloud-based practice management solution specifically designed for Personal Injury Firms. 

With CoCounselor, you can gain operational efficiencies, keep your entire staff on the same page, work from anywhere on any device, and build valuable dashboards and reports to keep you up-to-date on important deadlines and the overall health of your firm.

If you’re still running a personal injury law firm without cloud-based law practice management software, it’s time to give CoCounselor a try.

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