How to Build Strong Client Relationships

As an attorney, your clients should be the most important people in the world to you. You work to serve their needs, fight for them, interpret the law for them, and ultimately win their cases for them. The clients come to you because they need professional legal advice and entrust you with their needs and their cases. The relationship that you build with your clients is essential because without a strong relationship, their cases could be negatively affected and lead to them seeking legal help elsewhere.


Communication is probably the most important aspect of the attorney-client relationship. Without proper and effective communication, neither side will know what the other needs. It is important to ensure trust on both ends. If you, the attorney, do not trust your clients, then how can you fight for them? If the clients do not trust the attorney, then how will they know they are in good hands? Establish trust as early on in the relationship as possible. This will make it easy for communication to be open and efficient.

Another vital part of communication is making sure that you, the attorney, listen carefully to what the clients tell you. You need to know every detail of their case, story, needs, and goals in order to fight for them in court. A client will notice early on if you do not listen to them, and this will impact your ability to establish a relationship of trust.


Balance refers to genreal your workload and the relationship between your personal life and your work life. You need to be able to recognize the workload that you have and that your firm has. Your personal workload needs to be manageable, so that each case on your plate can be given the amount of attention and work that it needs. Each case and matter needs to be handled completely and competently, and if you have an insane workload, nothing will be accomplished completely and competently. Next, it is important to have a personal-work life balance to ensure that you take care of yourself. If you cannot take care of yourself properly, how will you take care of your clients and their needs properly? Take a break every once in a while, do something you enjoy outside of work to ensure you do not burn yourself out.

Pay Attention to Time

As an attorney, you are all too familiar with deadlines and a packed schedule. Simply put, to have an effective relationship with your client, you should get everything done on time and always be on time. If you show your client that you care enough to be on time for your meetings and appointments and meet deadlines regarding their cases, it will go a long way in building a strong relationship.

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