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What is cloud-based legal practice management software?

What exactly is “the cloud?” To put it simply, it’s using the internet to distribute information from remote servers to end-users.

If you use Facebook to upload photos, Netflix to stream shows, or use Dropbox to store files, you are using “the cloud.”

Our cloud-based software features sophisticated applications that allow you to manage your law firm from anywhere and from any device such as a laptop or smartphone.

With workflows, reports, task management and other automated functions, you can essentially put your law firm on autopilot with certain features from cloud-based software.

Cloud-Based Software For Your Personal Injury Firm

Cloud-based legal practice management software gives you the tools you need to manage your law firm today while making it easy to expand tomorrow if needed.

Your Attorneys will all have the same access to our cloud-based platform, which will help streamline communication.

Every law firm knows that communication is key to winning a case.

CoCounselor’s legal practice management software keeps a detailed record of communication history.

Cloud-based software allows you to simplify complex processes, which will save your firm time.

If you need to quickly collaborate on a case with your law firm, cloud technology from a legal practice management software can help.

Legal practice management software focuses on the process so that law firms can focus on cases and clients.

Advantages of Using Cloud-Based Software

There are many advantages to a law firm when using cloud-based software.

Cloud-based software can help law firms with reporting, call tracking, calendaring & task management, document management, and more.

With the reporting feature, law firms can track referrals with automated emails and customized reports.

Additionally, law firms can easily track marketing campaigns to see which ones are performing at an optimal level.

Prospect phone calls are automatically recorded with our call tracking feature that’s helpful for law firms.

You’ll also receive instant notifications when you miss a call, caller ID information will be automatically synced, and prospects will be auto-tagged to marketing campaigns using their phone number.

If you’re tired of scheduling the same tedious events for every case, CoCounselor schedules the events and tasks for you.

You can sync your calendar with existing Google or Outlook calendars, track employee progress with customized reports, and create calendar events, tasks, and email alerts for key dates on every case with custom automation.

Finally, document management will save law firms money on file storage.

We know that case management and document management are also important to law firms and legal practice management software can help with that.

Additionally, law firms can safely and securely share files and folders as needed.

Google integration also creates a unique Google Drive folder for each case.

CoCounselor Is Your Cloud-Based Solution

In today’s rapidly changing world, law firms should stay up to date with legal practice management software to improve efficiency, task management, and communication.

If you’re ready to take your law firm to the next level, contact CoCounselor today for a free demo.

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Call us at 404-419-7893 and see how your law practice can thrive in “the cloud.”

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