cloud-based software for lawyers

What is the future of legal practice management software?

The future is in “the cloud.”

Is your law firm using cloud-based software to manage your legal practice?

If not, get with the times and make the switch to cloud-based software as soon as possible.

The benefits of cloud-based software for law firms include working from anywhere on any device, automation that makes your job easier, improved communication between staff, document management that saves law firms money, and much more.

When looking at legal practice management software, it’s important to choose a software that offers a variety of solutions to the issues that your law firm faces.

Cloud-based software is the solution for Law Firms

Gone are the days of law firms using Rolodexes and endless stacks of paper.

They’ve been replaced by the internet and cloud-based practice management software that’s easy to use and easy communication.

CoCounselor’s software allows law firms to keep a detailed record of communication history with potential clients.

You can provide your team with a chronological history of communication with prospects and file emails from Outlook or Google to the relevant prospect record directly from your inbox.

This is key for case management, which a law firm can spend up to 90% of their time on.

Being able to navigate quickly through a case management solution is incredibly crucial towards the growth, efficiency, and success of law firms.

CoCounselor offers an easy to navigate dashboard for an Attorney to gain visibility into all aspects of an individual case without having to constantly toggle between other screens or apps.

Speaking of time management, cloud-based software can act as your calendar and task management.

This will improve client experience, save you time, and from the tedious process of scheduling the same events for every case.

Customized For Your Law Firm

Cloud-based practice management software is customizable to meet the needs of your law firm.

With detailed automated reporting on what you need to see, cloud-based software makes an Attorney’s job easier.

Turn your law practice on autopilot by creating customized rules based on the volume of your workflow.

Automation allows your team to work on important items while CoCounselor performs the heavy lifting in the background.

For example, you can sync your calendar with Google or Outlook, track employee progress with custom reports, define your case workflow with an automated set of tasks on every new prospect and case, and create email alerts for key dates on every case.

With CoCounselor’s practice management software, you can also manage and track your referrals with automated emails and custom reports.

Additionally, automation allows you to track marketing campaigns, prospect acquisition costs, and run scheduled reports to see which marketing campaigns are performing at a high level.

Cloud-based practice management software is also economical for law firms.

It allows you to save money on file storage and securely share documents as needed to the appropriate parties.

CoCounselor features Google integration that creates a unique Google Drive folder for every case.

Also, since it’s cloud-based, you’ll have remote access to these folders and files from anywhere on any device.

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The future is indeed in “the cloud.”

Cloud-based legal practice management software is popular due to its economical benefits, accessibility, and user-friendly features.  

These are just a few of the many features that the cloud-based practice management software from CoCounselor can offer your law firm.

To learn more, schedule a demo with CoCounselor at 404-419-7893.

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