Why Small Law Firms Need Law Practice Management Software

If you are a sole practitioner or small personal injury firm, law practice management software may seem like a luxury item. After all, up until now you have done just fine using a homemade system that involves your paralegal manually entering data into a bunch of Excel spreadsheets. Sure, it may not be the most efficient setup, but it gets the job done. Why should you spend the time and money to change?

The Importance of Good Workflow Management

The reality is, if the above paragraph describes your small law office, you are only creating more work for yourself (and your limited staff) by not adopting practice management software. Your growing personal injury practice requires more than a simple calendar and client database. You need to manage your workflow in order to maximize the time you spend helping clients.

Good law practice management software lets you automate administrative tasks that would otherwise eat up your billable hours. Just consider scheduling. Personal injury law is driven by deadlines: Statutes of limitations, deposition dates, motion calendars, etc. Keeping track of these deadlines across multiple clients, attorneys, and cases can quickly become overwhelming.

Law practice management software simplifies all of this. It creates a custom workflow based on your calendar and helps keep you and your entire office on track.

The Convenience and Cost Effectiveness of the Cloud

Large law firms with hundreds of attorneys and a professional in-house IT staff can afford to develop their own practice management solutions. When you run a three-attorney personal injury firm with one paralegal who doubles as your tech support, that is not a practical option. Here again is where law practice management software can help you stay competitive with the larger firms.

Cloud-based practice management software is especially useful when you do not want to invest thousands of dollars in physical hardware that you would also need to maintain. The cloud has the added benefit of letting you access your data from anywhere using any device with a web browser. This means you can easily access your calendar and case information while sitting in court or negotiating a settlement with opposing counsel.

Try CoCounselor Today

If you are finally ready to abandon the Windows folder full of Excel spreadsheets and transition your personal injury firm into the Internet age, we can help.CoCounselor offers secure, cloud-based legal practice management software for personal injury lawyers. We are personal injury plaintiff lawyers ourselves, so we understand what it takes for your practice to be successful. Our software can easily be adapted to fit your workflow management and style.

Getting started with our personal injury practice management software is easy and affordable. CoCounselor offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans. Call us today at 404-492-5859 to schedule a free demo of CoCounselor. Once you see what our software can do, you will wonder how your practice ever functioned without it.

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