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Do Personal Injury Lawyers Need Law Practice Management Software?

Law practice management software should be the core of any successful personal injury practice.

Today the question is no longer, “do personal injury lawyers need case management software,” but rather, “what case management software does a personal injury lawyer need?”

In modern law, it’s no longer practical to run a law firm without legal practice management software.

If you want to keep up with the competition and land new clients, you have to keep up with the times.

And, given the unique nature of personal injury law compared to other law areas, personal injury practices require software that has been specifically developed for them.

Personal injury case law is highly specialized with nuances that are unique to personal injury cases.

Personal injury clients are at a vulnerable point in their lives, and personal injury firms need a case management program that helps them get their clients on the road to recovery.

The article below will discuss personal injury law software and why personal injury firms should be using it.

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What Is Law Practice Management Software?

Case management programs enable firms to track and store their information in a centralized location.

Case information is available to several uses at once from a variety of different devices.

Cloud-based management programs are extremely popular because it keeps data accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to anyone with an internet connection.

Law firms are switching to cloud-based legal case management software to replace old fashioned spreadsheet-based systems.

A good case management software will streamline intake, as well as case tracking and reporting.

It also consolidates all of your information into a central repository, so you have a single source of current information that can be accessed from anywhere.

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Features Your Law Practice Management Software Should Have

Simplified Case Management

Case Management takes up 90% of your firm’s time. 

Being able to navigate quickly through your case management solution is incredibly crucial to your firm’s growth, efficiency, and success.

A glaring benefit of case management programs is that it allows you to have complete control over your matter management system.

Your software will help you implement proactive case management, starting at intake and getting you to settlement.

It will allow you to stay ahead instead of playing catch up.

Personal injury software should have management capabilities that help with cases like auto accidents, premise liability, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bites, and more.

Law software will have built-in user roles with varying permissions and privileges.

Attorney/Matter Distribution

Your personal injury legal software should allow you to see the total distribution of your active matters by each attorney.

Some software programs will display this similar to a pie chart, with segment size correlating to the percentage of open matters assigned to an attorney.

Clicking a segment will allow you to see the attorney’s name, the matters assigned to the attorney, and a list of assigned matter names.

Consolidated Medical Treatment and Expense Details

Case management programs should also let legal professionals view all your information about your client’s medical treatment.

Separate tabs should allow you to organize all medical information intuitively.

You will be able to quickly access individual medical records and bills, liens and mater expenses, and insurance company information in an easy to read format.

You can also preview and link to documents relevant to individual entries, helping you save time, and making the medical portion of case management a breeze.

Attorney and Firm Calendaring

Cloud-based case software can integrate all calendars into one central calendar.

This will allow your attorneys to view events across their entire caseload and the whole firm.

Entries can be color-coded by event type to display the mater name prominently.

You can filter the calendar by date and event category. They can be easily integrated with other popular calendars like Outlook and Google.

Personal Injury Law Software That Helps Lawyers Win More Cases

If you’re a personal injury law firm without a case management system, we invite you to take a look at CoCounselor.

CoCounselor’s full-featured law software gives lawyers a complete toolkit to focus on achieving victory for their clients. 

CoCounselor’s features include integrated contingency billing, time tracking, invoicing, document and matter management, and calendaring, all on the go, so you can handle all of your cases without breaking a sweat. 

As an added benefit, CoCounselor also offers a marketing campaign tracker that can show you exactly where to advertise your services.

CoCounselor is the only cloud-based practice management solution designed with the Personal Injury Firm in mind. 

With CoCounselor, you will gain operational efficiencies, keep your entire staff on the same page, work from anywhere on any device, and build valuable dashboards and reports to keep you up-to-date on important deadlines on the overall health of your firm.

To request a Free Demo of CoCounselor for your personal injury firm, click the button below.

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