Intake & Prospect Management

Prospect pages custom tailored to fit your best intake processes. Save time and money on intake data entry by accepting potential client data directly through custom webforms. Delegate responsibilities with record ownership and automated tasks.


Manage and track your referrals with automated emails and custom reports

Track marketing campaigns and prospect acquisition costs. Run scheduled reports to see which marketing campaigns are performing best.

Call Tracking & Prospect Automation

Track all new potential client calls and automatically create a new prospect record

Auto-tag prospects to marketing campaigns using number called

Automatically syncs caller ID Information

Prospect phone calls are automatically recorded

Receive notifications instantly when there's a missed call

stay connected

Keep a record of communication history with potential clients 

File emails from Google or Outlook to the relevant prospect record directly from your inbox. Provide your team with chronological history of communication with prospects.

Client & Case Management

Case Management takes up 90% of your firms time. Being able to to navigate quickly through your case management solution is incredibly crucial towards the growth, efficiency, and success of your firm.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Managing your cases just got easier.

CoCounselor allows you to gain visibility into all aspects of an individual case without having to flip to other screens or apps.

Gain valuable insight on

  • Client Details
  • Staff Members
  • Case Source
  • Case Information
  • Accident Information
  • Lawsuit Information
  • Discovery
  • Defendants
  • Settlement Amounts
  • Case Documents
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Client Insurance
  • Medical Records
  • Treatment Summaries
  • Notes & Attachments

Calendaring & Task Management

Tired of scheduling the same events for every case? CoCounselor schedules the events and tasks for you. CoCounselor is customized to your practice area so that we can schedule events based off any field in the system (i.e. Statute of Limitations, etc.).

Automation to Get more done

Turn your firm on autopilot by creating custom rules based on your workflow.

Allow your team to work on the important items while CoCounselor does all the heavy lifting in the background.

Sync with your existing Google or Outlook calendars

Track employee progress with custom reports and field history tracking

Custom automation creates calendar events, tasks, and/or email alerts for your key dates on each case

Individual color coded calendar for each user that can be shared with individuals or the entire firm

Define your case workflow with an automated set of tasks on every new prospect and case, providing an organized checklist for every employee

Document Management

Easily create all your documents with just a few clicks

Google integration creates a unique Google Drive folder for every case

Save money on file storage

Cloud based - access your files anywhere on any device

Securely share files/folders as need with view-only or edit access

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