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Can digital marketing help your law firm?

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

If you are a law firm trying to succeed in today’s technical climate, digital marketing strategies are a must. Having a well-maintained and updated website, active social media accounts, quality articles, and robust online advertising are a must for law firms who want to succeed online. Adding in high-quality content will pull everything together as […]

legal case management software

How COVID-19 is Changing The Legal Profession

The COVID-19 crisis flipped the world upside down overnight. It changed the entire landscape of the legal profession just as fast. Governments mandated lockdowns and business closures and postponed court proceedings indefinitely. Still, law firms in all practice areas are seeking ways to continue to provide legal services to their clients to the best of […]

How to improve your law firm

How Do You Keep Your Law Firm On The Same Page?

If you ask the leaders of a law firm what their greatest asset is, they will likely say it’s their lawyers. Your law firm might be in a beautiful building in an excellent location.  You might have a modern conference room to work out of equipped with the latest technology, but you need quality lawyers […]

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How Can Law Practice Management Software Help My Firm Grow?

Legal case management software is an invaluable tool for personal injury firms. It can help your law firm engage with clients faster, close more deals, and provide improved legal services.  Legal practice management software can also help your law firm grow. But, too many personal injury firms are still relying on older legal software systems […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Law Practice Management Software?

We can all admit that it’s not easy managing a personal injury law firm.  Everyone involved in the practice, from attorneys, paralegals, and support staff, all face different challenges every day as they try to move the practice forward. From staying on top of the neverending stream of emails, onboarding new clients and staff, and […]

legal practice management software

How To Choose The Right Law Practice Management Software

If you’ve decided it’s time to start using practice management software for your law firm, you’re taking a step in the right direction. The next step is choosing the right legal software for your law firm. Admittedly, understanding how to choose and use technology is a job in itself. We understand that you are already […]

legal practice management software

How to Store Legal Documents Safely and Securely

People tend to overlook the importance of storing important documents.  Documents like your social security information or tax returns should be protected from burglars. These documents can be just as tempting to steal as your big screen TV. Below, we will look at five of our most important documents and ways to keep them secure […]

software for law firms

What is Law Practice Management Software?

Running personal injury law firms is incredibly complicated.  Because of today’s technological advancements, legal clients expect more from their lawyers than ever before.   Consumers have become spoiled with instantaneous access to information by their many service providers.  As a result, they expect the same thing from their lawyers. Keeping up with today’s increasingly demanding clients, […]

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