How to Effectively Advertise Your Law Firm

In today’s world, when starting a business, you no longer have to rely on recommendations, cold calls, word of mouth referrals, or basic soliciting. The world of social media now allows you have an audience larger than previously imagined. With so much available, it can be difficult to hone in on the audience you are targeting and how to effectively achieve results in bringing those clients in. In order to effectively manage your social media platforms, you will first want to choose which ones you want to use. While you can use multiple, it is recommended to start small and build your network if you are doing so on your own.

Before pulling in clients from social media platforms, you should finalize the content on your website to be flawless. Basic mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or lack of aesthetics, will drive away a consumer in the first few seconds of being on your law firm’s website. Being able to navigate around the page easily is most important. You then want to build up the content on your website, by writing blog posts, and then using those social media platforms to link to your page. Depending upon the practice area and your specific geographic area, certain social media platforms may be more popular than others. Overall, platforms such as LinkedIn are commonly used for this purpose by most individuals in the industry.

Sites like Facebook have business profiles that law firms can create, where followers can like your content and also reshare topics from the page. Twitter also allows you to provide links to your articles and content on your website through their platform. Once a blog post has been written, many websites feature a tool allowing you to share your post to multiple sites at once, allowing you to get maximum exposure.

Additionally, you can advertise your firm on these social media platforms, such as Facebook, using their Advertising page which will advertise to a specific demographic based on what you choose. Google also allows you to pay for ads in order to get listed higher when someone searches specific terms that align with your criteria. Paying for advertising can be beneficial in the beginning, however, you should be able to phase this out as you build your content and online presence using different social media platforms.

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