What Does Law Practice Management Software Do?

gp8blyataa0-thomas-lefebvreLaw practice management software was developed over the past few decades in order to help attorneys effectively manage numerous cases at once and adapt to the fast pace at which a case can move. This type of software helps attorneys communicate with one another in a firm as well as sync multiple systems together in order to maximize efficiency and avoid entering duplicate information in different systems. Some of the features include linking contacts, calendars and documentation from one computer to now be accessible by several servers, document assembly, tracking billable time, as well as case management.

Major law practice management software has been developed by a number of different companies that now offer programs that are specific to the size of the firm, the type of work done, and how many attorneys need accessibility. For personal injury law firms, tools such as matter management, time tracking with the capability to segregate billable hours, as well as accounting become very important in order to maximize efficiency. These systems can be particularly helpful for firms who are looking to have front and back office tasks become automated, providing accounting services in order to ensure clients are being billed properly and making those payments on time.

For the attorney who is managing multiple clients, the electronic signature capability is also helpful. These systems contract with companies like DocuSign and RightSignature to provide an authenticated and secure way for both the attorney and the client to sign documents and submit them. All of us lead busy lives, so cutting the time out of planning meeting times and coordinating schedules just to sign documents benefits all parties involved. If there is any question about the validity of someone’s signature, photo authentication can also be added in order to verify the proper party is signing.

For personal injury attorneys, there are various stages of bringing a case to trial or settling it. Meeting deadlines is imperative, but when you have multiple clients, remembering each deadline can be difficult. Implementing automatic reminders depending upon the stage in the process takes the burden off of the attorney and administrative staff, but also allows another attorney to step in, in the event one becomes unable to perform.

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