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law practice management software

What is cloud-based legal practice management software?

What exactly is “the cloud?” To put it simply, it’s using the internet to distribute information from remote servers to end-users. If you use Facebook to upload photos, Netflix to stream shows, or use Dropbox to store files, you are using “the cloud.” Our cloud-based software features sophisticated applications that allow you to manage your […]

Why Would I Use Cloud-Based Practice Management Software?

Cloud computing is an everyday part of our digital lives. You may not be aware of “The Cloud” even though you are probably using it right now. If you upload family pictures to Facebook, watch television shows on Netflix, or use Dropbox to store client files, you are in “The Cloud.” “The Cloud” really means […]

What Does Law Practice Management Software Do?

Law practice management software was developed over the past few decades in order to help attorneys effectively manage numerous cases at once and adapt to the fast pace at which a case can move. This type of software helps attorneys communicate with one another in a firm as well as sync multiple systems together in […]

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